Monday, June 14, 2010

The goings on

Obviously I haven't posted lately which would cause some to believe that I've been incredibly busy. Mostly true. Another reason for no posting is no pictures. Yes, my camera is broken, again. Anyway, I can still tell you what's going on. Nathan and Kristalyn have been doing soccer MWF mornings. Katie did not like the fact that she couldn't go on the field too but has since enjoyed having mommy all to herself. Kate is also potty training. She's been doing pretty darn well too, if I say so myself! She's also getting better at singing "Twinkle, Twinkle."

Nathan gave his first talk in primary yesterday. It was about the Holy Ghost and he did a fantastic job. I also got the job I wanted. I am now the music teacher at Northeast Elementary (the school Nathan's going to). Things seem to be working out really well for us.

Finally, we are super excited to see family NEXT WEEK!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

April update

Well this month has been fun (and expensive). The biggest event was going to Seattle for Kyle's wedding. Ben and I were able to go up Friday morning and come home Sunday. It was a quick trip but tons of fun and a great time with the adults of the Jemmett family. The first thing we did (even before getting our stuff to the hotel) was go ride the "Duck" with Capt. Phlip Dover (yes that's a pseudoname). He was a RIOT! We sang loud, annoying songs at the top of our lungs while driving around and learning some weird facts about Seattle (like the pier that burned down three times before they finally built a fire station right next door). Anyway, here's the Jemmett/Kindred clan on the Duck.
The Duck tours start right across the street from the Space Needle park and the Rock n Roll/Space Science museum (I don't really know what it's called). Bit of info: the Space Science museum has a lot of the authentic Star Trek stuff in it (mom you'd love it, though I didn't actually go in). Anyway, we all took pics with the needle.

We passed by the Needle about five times on our tour. It always seemed to be in the background of our pics.
Now for the real event of the weekend: the wedding. This is my new sister Aja (pronounced Asia). Isn't she just adorable???? I find it interesting that all of the Jemmett boys (light haired boys I might add) chose Brunettes.
Here are the brothers doing what brothers do. At least they have fun!

Here are the Jemmett women (minus mom).

The boys got really into the car decorating. Aja's brothers didn't know people actually did this kind of stuff (my guess is that it's not really worth it in Seattle because all the decorations get washed off before anyone can see it). Anyway, her brothers got REALLY into it. One of them came up with the idea of severing the head off of the luau pig and puting it on the windsheild. Gross, but kinda funny.

After the rain washed all the words off the car the boys went back out and put the reception decorations on the car instead. Here's the addition to the pig.

All in all it was a fun, quick, and tiring weekend. Now for my last little funny story which is not in any way connected to the wedding. Ben took the kids to the library while I went to work. He let Katie choose the books and did not censor them at all before bringing them home. A few days later we finally got around to reading them at bedtime. I read one book then turned to the second one:

Yes, that says "Daddy, PAPA, and Me" and yes it is about a baby being brought up by gay fathers. I read the title without really thinking and opened the book, then realized what I said. I looked at Ben and asked him if he knew he was bringing homosexual propaganda into our home. He took the book out of my hands, read it to himself, then shook his head as he left the room taking the book with him to put it back in the library bag. Nathan was sad he didn't get his second story and I was laughing at Ben's little mishap. I read it and really there's nothing bad in it; just a story about all the things a kid does with his daddy and papa, though the illustrations really make the men look gay by their facial expressions, postures, etc. I thought it was funny.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthdays!

A lot has happened since my last post. We had Easter, two birthdays, and a LOT of silliness. First on the picture show is a very tired Katie after church one day. I literally found her resting her head (and her eyes at the time) on her sandwich. She just opened her eyes when I shot the pic. Next, Kristalyn was posing for the camera. This was taken on her birthday right before opening presents. Ben was telling her what to do for the camera and this was the cutest one!
Easter.... Well, it's a wonderful holiday with two things that I aboslutely HATE: the mess kids make with chocolate, and the mess they make with that fake grass! But they were so cute I had to snap a pic.

Look at this mug. This girl is definitely satisfied!

For our Relief Society dinner I was put in charge of the October table. Rather than try to fit 6 women's schedules into a planning night and an arranging night I just decided to go it alone. I don't think I did too bad! I made our table a pumpkin patch with a big cake and a few orange candles with leaves glued on.

I was super impressed with the cake. And it was so easy too!

Lately Nathan has been "COLD!" I found him on the couch like this after breakfast one morning.

Here is Kristalyn's haul for her birthday. She loves her presents so much! Thank you Grandmas!

After singing happy birthday to Katie, Ben leaned in to give her a kiss. She's the most kissable little two year old in the world!

This was my girls' birthday cake. I made this one for a mini-party at playgroup.

Katie's friend couldn't wait to eat some cake. She dug in before we even sang the song.
Katie was so excited to get her boxes from her grandmas. So were Nathan and Kristalyn. Lyn keeps thinking it's all for her then getting mad at mom when I tell her these toys are Katie's not hers.

All in all it's been a good few weeks. We've had strange weather but at least two good days each week to go play at the park. After Kyle's wedding we won't really have anything exciting to look forward to for a while. Oh well, sometimes it's nice to have nothing planned and just go with the flow....

Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I was putting Nathan to bed (the girls were already in theirs) and instead of a song he wanted to play "This Little Piggy." I did the first foot normal (market, roast beef, wee wee wee) and he laughed and had a great time. But for the second foot I always try to make up new rhymes as a fun learning thing for him. To substitute a different food for "roast beef" I've been saying some of Nathan's favorite foods like "bacon" and "ham 'n' cheese" but I was a little leary of our piggies being cannibals so tonight I tried really hard to think of some non-pig food and the first thing that popped in my head was tofu! So I said "this little piggy had tofu," then stopped as I realized what I said, turned to Nathan and said "get it 'toe'-fu?" We could barely finish the rhyme because we were both laughing SO hard. I know it was really silly and not really THAT funny but to a 5-y/o it's HILARIOUS!!! We laughed until we cried, then laughed some more.

It was a good night.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A post with pics!

Lots of pictures, not much time so here goes: First, I was pretty crafty the last two weeks. I made some blackout curtains for Ben so he can sleep during the day (they work wonderfully!). Then I decided to do cute curtains for the girls. I loved these two fabrics together and the girls love them too. Nathan requested Cars curtains (no surprise there). I had to do some finangling because I didn't think about which way the cars were printed on the fabric. The curtains are barely long enough for his window but they work and he loves them.
Next project: Katie's tutu and matching hair thing. She's adorable and she loves it.

My little dancer!

The kids love the camera and especially being silly for the camera.

We did a photo shoot after dinner one night. Nathan thought it would be fun to give Lyn a big kiss.

Lyn paid him back.

We had oreos for our dessert (same night). You can't really see it but she has chocolate cookie residue all over her teeth and mouth.

More silly pictures. I was trying for something nice that I could frame but all I ever get is sillies.

Nathan has become quite the little photographer. I think I'll be getting him his own camera (birthday maybe) so he doesn't break mine. He took this one and some of the others below. (Mama's can be silly too)

Aunt Leslie came to babysit one night and the kids loved her scarf.

The rest of these are pics Nathan took.
He's obsessed with feet pictures.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Music!

Hello friends and family! I finally recorded all of my songs. HOORAY!!! They're not the best recordings in the world but it was fairly simple and free so I went with it. Anyway, here's the link:
A big thanks to my dad for uploading all of it to his mobile me account (or whatever it's called). Another big thanks to my wonderful hubby who stayed up way late so I could get it done.

As for our family, we're doing great. Ben's been working the night shift for the last 2 weeks and has handled it fairly well. It snowed here this morning (4 inches!) but it's mostly gone now. I'll upload pics with funny stories next time (hopefully sooner than a month) because naptime is now over and the kiddos want snacks NOW! I hope you enjoy the music!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Merry Christmas (in January...)

Yes, I'm a total slacker but at least I'm actually telling you all about our first Christmas on our own (even if it is a month late)! First off, we were invited to the home of one of the families in our ward for Christmas Eve. They had all of their family there so it was almost like being at home (just with a bunch of strangers). We went on a Polar Express train ride (using 4-wheelers and wagons) while reading christmas stories and singing Christmas songs. It was freezing cold but we had fun. We got back inside and listened to (and enacted) the Christmas story as told in Luke. Kristalyn and Nathan were both shepherds.
Didn't they do an excellent job?

Then it was Christmas day. Each of the kids got one present from mom and dad and a few others from our secret santas (big thanks to whoever that was), grandparents, and Aunt Krista.
Lyn got a doll that is almost as big as she is. Within the first 5 minutes she'd already amputated a leg and broke the rubber band that was supposed to hold it on better. It still works but it keeps falling off now at random times.
Katie liked the doll too. (Yes the doll came with two outfits).
Nathan's Christmas list was about as long as my arm. What he really wanted was a Buzz Lightyear and an airplane. So I got a Buzz with collapsible wings, kind of like two in one. He loves it!
Every time I take Katie into Walmart and we pass by the toys she always spots the babies. Then she'll yell as loud as she can "Baby Baby Baby!!!!" So, I got her a baby. It even cries (curse myself for that one).
This is our Christmas dinner. Basically, a dinner like any other night except I actually made funeral potatoes. We had extra of those for nearly two weeks because we got so sick of them.
Here's the unwrapping of Krista's gifts. They showed up on our doorstep the day after Christmas. Lynn loves her new bracelet (even wore it to church yesterday w/o playing with it too much).
See that green putty on the floor by his knee? It's noise putty. Don't let 1.5 year olds play with that stuff. Katie loved playing with it and never remembered to put the lid back on. I was scrubbing Nathan's laundry for an hour before I could even put it in the washer. And we also have a permanent green spot on his bedroom floor. Thanks Kate!
Katie's favorite toy from this lot was the slinky. She played with it all day and still screams when brother or sister try to take it from her.
Now, fast forward to last week. We had a BLIZZARD! The kids got to use their snow gear for the second time. The snow was 8 inches deep by noon and drifting. Schools were cancelled and we had fun. We even built a snowman in the likeness of Princess Leah (she got knocked down within a few hours).
This is how deep it got. Sure it doesn't look like that much compared to Rexburg, but for New Mexico? Definite snow day.
The next day schools were cancelled again, though it was barely snowing at all; it couldn't even be called a skiff. Oh well, double snowdays are okay by me.